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invest in Turkey

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invest in Turkey

invest in Turkey

Non-Turkish nationals holding valid short term Touristic residence permit ID card;

may option to live in Turkey as an individual or with family, 

stay for longer and frequent holidays, marry Turkish spouse, 

make contact with Turkish people for future concerns, 

Work at international level company and jobs at above average salary and benefits, 

open Turkish bank account, replace their foreign drivers license with Turkish drivers license. 

Foreigner may make personal or corporate level investments, setup Turkish company and business, search for future business opportunities, work and retire with government social security and medical protection and pension, may option to sell and buy property, rent a home in Turkey. 

For foreigners who do not require Turkish citizenship, and after 8 year completed stay by short term residence permit in Turkey, may directly transfer to the Long term residence permit that is never renewed, TURKEY PROPE CITIZENSHIP 2 with infinitive work permit. TURKEY PASSP Foreigners who meet conditions for citizenship may apply for Turkish citizenship and passport, or simply retire in low tax, sun, sea and sand paradise alike many USA, UK, German and European citizens have APPLICATIONs already done. 

4 paths to your residency

Study in a Turkish University

Employment- Work Permits

Real estate investment

Business incorporation