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Obtaining Of Turkish Citizenship For Foreign Investors
Company establishment

Company establishment

As a result of the amendments in the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, foreign investors have an opportunity for acquiring Turkish Citizenship.

The minimum obligatory amount of Investment has been reduced on 19th September 2018, thus making “Investing in Turkey” more appealing for foreign investors. By investing in Turkey, not only the investors themselves, but also their spouse and children under age of 18 may become a citizen of Turkey.

ZAFAR CONSULTANCY works with expert law firms that provide legal advice to foreigners for years both in the investment process and in citizenship practices.

ZAFAR CONSULTANCY explores investment opportunities in the interest of foreign investors and ensures that the necessary legal procedures are followed by specialized law firms.

On behalf of foreign investors and their families, application of residence permit, followed by the application of the citizenship processes are provided by experienced lawyers throughout the process.

ZAFAR CONSULTANCY helps you get the best and fastest service for your citizenship.

The Investments And Details Required By Foreigners For Acquisition Of Turkish Citizenship Are As Follows


Option (A)

Option (A) stipulates that a minimum amount of property (real estate) investment shall be made for $250k USD on the condition to not sell the invested property within the next 3 years. This amount has been reduced from $1m USD to $250k USD recently (or the equal value in Turkish Lira).



Option (B)

Option (B) requires to deposit $500k USD in cash (or the equal value in Turkish Lira) for at least 3 years in one of the Turkish Banks.


Option (C)

Option (C) requires that a fixed capital investment shall be made minimum of $500k USD (or the equal value in Turkish Lira. This investment shall be confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.


Option (D)

Option (D) indicates that TC could be obtained provided that government bonds and bills to be purchased on the condition to hold them for at least 3 years. And this investment shall be confirmed by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.


Option (E)

Option (E) foresees that it will be possible to obtain TC in the event of an investment to be made into a Turkish real estate investment trust, or buy the shares of the venture capital investment fund with a minimum amount of $500k USD.


This means, it is possible to obtain TC for yourself, as well as for your family members: your wife and children below 18 years old (18 years old included) with proceeding one of the abovementioned investment options according to your choice, and once the required conditions are duly met.